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    Times They Are A Changin'

    Kids never really leave your life. They get bigger and older, then multiply and you end up with more little ones, that you think are yours and really are in a way, because they started off from you anyways. Seriously though, there is nothing more important thing a human can do besides raise our...
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    Switching from CB to GMRS radios

    I have three different sets of hand helds. This one seems to work the best.
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    Flew to California to buy my first cj8

    This has been a great story. Glad to see your living your Srambler. I've done a few drive adventures, but do the truck and trailer rescues, so at least I know my truck will run well. I would do a fly and drive though. Great story and great rig, congrats.
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    66 CJ6 Tux Park

    The Jalopy tub on its side and the CJ6 frame after cutting off the boat sides. Tub is at blasters getting cleaned up. Pictures of that after I get it into epoxy primer and a few of the 30 or son snap holes filled in. Going back to the Narrow track 44 axle idea. Just like it better looking more...
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    66 CJ6 Tux Park

    It's the same one I met you at a few or maybe more years ago. It's the 20th of this month. I'll pm you the info.
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    66 CJ6 Tux Park

    CB, I'm going to relist my 70 pretty soon. Besides the multiple upgrades sense the last time I listed it and the lack of interest from buyers recently. I figure a renewed posting with upgraded pictures might help it. It's been really like warm to cold in replys to adds sense this c19 started...
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    Colorado Scrambler

    You guys are killings me. Great pictures, I'm just jealous is all.
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    Cj-8 not worth buying?

    They just post this so they can buy them all for themselves. 😋
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    CJ saddle bags

    Im actually looking for a set for my early cj5 and six. I'd be I tested in seeing them to purchase.
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    66 CJ6 Tux Park

    Oh yeh, that would definitely be a welding project and one to invent new swear words , project. 😳
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    66 CJ6 Tux Park

    I was thinking about that postal up in Alaska and then came across this. Still fighting with the logistics about that. Some promise still. But this deal just fell together in a total of about 15 minutes. From first call to the owner of this tub, to Boston Bob answering his cell phone a few...
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    66 CJ6 Tux Park

    My rusty tub with commando hood n grill.
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    66 CJ6 Tux Park

    60/40 seat, chrome hood and windshield hinges, chrome bumpers, bezel around speedo I think is chrome and maybe column shift. I'm sure I have a few things wrong, but I think that's the most of it. Oh, chrome centered plate light and badging on the hood. Someone jump in for additions and corrections.
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    66 CJ6 Tux Park

    Looks like it was pulled out of Boston Harbor. 😂 But that's our local Jeep's right there in a nut shell or should I say rust shell.
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    66 CJ6 Tux Park

    AJ, you ain't kidding. Been looking for years. I hate to say it, but looking around here is just nuts. No matter how many you look at around here, it either ends in months of metal work or wasted gas and hours driving. Craig that's a fine example of a New England Jeep. 😳