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    What to use for bulkhead to top seal?

    Is that a rubber type of material ?
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    ATX '83 Restoration Project

    An Ag living in the TU backyard..... that could get interesting. Saw'em off !! Welcome and I'm glad you kept it all these years. Will look forward to the continuation of this thread.
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    Windshield Frame ID

    No, on a CJ. OP was taking about CJ windshield frames from my understanding. He just referenced YJ frames as 2 rib. I have a 2 rib on my 84 and its an after market.
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    Windshield Frame ID

    The 2 rib is most likely an aftermarket.
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    Scrambler emblems on the sides of the bed?

    And the ultra rare Desert Scorpion edition......
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    Most recent purchase

    Looks good Kenton, Congrats to the young man !! Scramblers look best bloody or muddy.
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    Jeep Cj8 replacement floor pans and body panels

    Classic Enterprises - https://www.classicent.com/ Be wary of any foreign stamped parts - its a crap shoot what you may get.
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    1,2 then 3. Although I’m a hunter, the camo does not enhance the vehicle. No stripe would be better than the camo IMO.
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    Epic fails

    I have a few friends in Wa state. They would say he must be from "up river".
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    Rebuilding CJ8

    Classic enterprises panels are spot on. Heard Key parts are good. The qtr panels are going to be the most difficult. The only ones stamping them for an 8 is md Juan. The top profile is not correct and the raised profile at the wheel well is rough. You should be able to locate some usable OEM...
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    What to do with beaten up factory rear bumper?

    If you decide to sell the bumper, I would be interested.
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    Meet Red, my 81 Restomod Build

    #2 looks the closest.
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    The fire dept brush truck Scrambler Part 1

    Nice writeup on a unique scrambler. Glad it went to the right home.
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    Available Tops for Scrambler

    #9 is either a Grizzly or a Classic - they were essentially identical on the side but could be distinguished by the rear lift gate. Grizzly looked like an OEM CJ7 lift gate and Classic had a smaller window - (believe they made 2 different rear window sizes). Grizzly was a 1 piece shell top and...
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    What’s with the window guards ? Overlanding in the ghetto ???