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    Found this cute stray on vacation

    Went on vacation to spend time on the beach and found this stray. I couldn't get it out of my mind, it was just a cute little four legger and needed a good home and some TLC. I talked to missus and we decided to bring it home. So the Massey clan added this red creature to our fold. What do...
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    East Coast Fall Scrambler ride Oct 18-19

    Loaded up and ready to go after work tomorrow...Dain you comin'.... Truck
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    East Coast Fall Scrambler ride Oct 18-19

    Okay, several of us are getting together to go the the Big Dogs Fall Crawl As we are looking to potentially have Scrambler Nationals out here in 2017 we are looking strongly at this venue. If you are out on the East Coast and want to join us...
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    Scrambler Porn

    Not to hijack Schlap's porn thread but Becky and I had a great time at the Wolf Trap concert. Music was awesome! Kimberly and the rest of the band were very good to us. I did wear my SOA shirt!! Truck
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    Life Change for the Masseys

    I thought I would share with my Scrambler family, even though it has been awhile since I've been on here steady. Becky and I are looking for a life change now that our youngest is out of high school. We are ready to leave the rat race of the Northern Virginia/DC area. We will most likely be...
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    Essential Tool & Parts to Carry Along At All Times

    I like Big Walton's dog bone wrench, I have used them, however, they do have their limitations. I've found this to be extremely useful socket set and the case doesn't take up much room. Truck
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    exhaust manifold help

    Bolt hole on one of my manifolds broke and and stud in the other. I blew the donut gasket out of the one that broke. So I'm looking at new manifolds. Engine is a vortec crate motor L31. I'm currently using ram horns off a 63 impala with a 2" dump. Most stuff out there new are ram horns with...
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    Happy New Year All...share my christmas present

    Okay this was picked up the month before Christmas, however I was told it was a Christmas present so I couldn't share until then...We went to Oklahoma for Christmas and are just getting back so I thought I would let the word out. I know some of you have been wondering what happened to this...
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    258 question

    Anybody know what, if any, differences between an 89 yj 258 and 258 from 83 scrambler? I need a 258 for my scrambler and I've found an 89 yj one but it isn't close so I haven't seen it. Is there any differences I should be aware of. Any reason it would not be a direct drop in? Truck
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    Oak Ridge, VA - Sept 14

    Here is the dinner everyone that wasn't there missed on Friday night. Man it was good stuff. Thanks again all. Truck
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    Tough evening

    Lost one of our dogs yesterday. It was Shinook, our white husky. Don't know what happened just found him when we went to feed him dinner. Looked like he had just fallen asleep. He was out running around and playing around noon to 1300, so don't know what happened. Would have expected our older...
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    master cylinder ??s

    Need a new master cylinder. Any thoughts as to something other then stock that is a bolt on upgrade for close to the same replacement cost? I have stock axles on my 83, so front disks and rear drums. Brakes are manual not power. I know the corvette masters are good however I always...
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    Engine not running right

    Swapped in a 258 and TF999 in my 83 Scrambler awhile back and never spent time to get it running. Motor was supposed to be a Jasper rebuild with approx 5k miles on it. It looked clean and fairly fresh and I had no reason to doubt the seller. I decided to get it running a couple of months ago and...
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    stock air cleaner on tbi

    I remember a discussion on a stock air cleaner/filter being used on a MC2100 or tbi. I remember that there were certain ones that were better to use then others and some mods that were needed. After searching I can't find it. I would like to try and use my stock air cleaner/filter on my TBI...
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    Jeep won't stop running

    Okay, I just did a TBI setup on scrambler with 258. The kit is basically a junkyard kit that was already setup and put together by Affordable Fuel Injection. It included a GM HEI/DUI dizzy. I bought this second hand, so it took me awhile to work the wires out. But I think it is all done...