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2018 Scrambler Owners Association National Scramble - SMORR, Seymour, MO


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I was just curious what people are doing for tops/doors on their Scramblers. .
No top and doors on ours!

I was also wondering if anyone knows if it is okay if I take my camper or jeep down Tuesday night and leave it overnight.
email Brandon at SMORR with these questions. jacksforkland@gmail.com

I asked him about dropping off a truck & trailer on our way thru to FlatNasty the Saturday before the National.
He said it was okay as long as we parked them in the parking lot.

But you need to verify that with him about yours.
Sorry one more question. Do you guys run CB radios to communicate while on the trail? Thanks for the email address, I got a hold of them and they are fine with me dropping off a trailer the night before.

John N

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I was just curious what people are doing for tops/doors on their Scramblers. I was thinking about just using my bikini top, and leaving hard top and doors at home since I don't have half doors. Are other people bringing their hard doors and such?

Looking forward to the event. Got new wheels and tires that are getting mounted today so I won't have to use my current tires which were purchased in 1999.
Bikini top and half doors. I do use a duster for the back and door uppers for transport in case of running through any weather.


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I've been running my full top with all the windows removed and the half doors. You never know what the weather will do and it keeps the sun and light rain off.