82 UK Spec Laredo Scrambler Build No 2

Hooray all the U bolts have finally arrived so i got the springs steam cleaned and gave them a quick coat of paint i would like to get this sat back on its axles tomorrow if possible!.
Some of the rebound clips have gone AWOL, might need to fabricate something up.to keep the leaves together.



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I have to say that you are making really good progress for someone with no time to work. I am familiar with long winded projects as mine has 15 years in it total, and is finally nearing completion.

I have to ask, Did that Jeep sit in a Marina Parking Lot next to the Ocean for many years? It appeared to have more rust on it than any I have ever seen, and it looked like some of the cars at our local Marina here in SoCal. Owned by people they call "the Boat People," who take good care of their boats, but let their cars rot, since they plan to abandon them went they finally leave for their upcoming round the world cruise..

You dealt with all of it well and I assume the paint you used is some kind of Rust Cancelling (Ospho) Industrial Grade Paint?

Most people don't realize that having a place to work that doesn't require you to shuffle your project around every few days is one of the most important factors in any complete rebuild. you have to be able to spread it all out so you can work on it, and you need to be able to leave things laying around until you need them.

Anyway good luck and looking forward to your completed Right Hand Drive Scrambler. Incidentally I believe your hardtop was made by Acme. The doors on my Jeep were made to fit that hard top.