Calling ADA lawyers/Cj8 advocates & folks near Indy


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Glad to hear this is finally being resolved. Hope all goes smoothly and that you get back all your parts.


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right near the lake
Update everyone!

They called me yesterday for the first time in over a year. Claimed the passenger side knuckle on my front axle was bad and they tried to get in touch with me last year.

I showed them the text that I immediately responded, I have a brand new set, then they commented that they didn’t wanna get into an argument.

They are letting me pick up my stuff I believe a week from Saturday, on the 17th!

If anyone is around Indianapolis and wants to help me load/go out for lunch together after, hit me up!

I really appreciate everyone’s comments and well wishes
I would take the law with you for just an escort... IMO.
Hate to see this.

A friend of mine took his 1980 CJ7 to a shop in NW Arkansas years ago. Gave the shop $7K upfront, and the shop was going to swap in Scout Dana 44's, a rust free used tub, and a rebuilt transmission and put new seals in the transfer case. Axles were supposed to be rebuilt, steering and brakes rebuilt.

After about a year, hardly anything had been done, so he got a lawyer involved.

After about another year, he went and got the Jeep, which was a frame with well used/worn Dana 44's, a decent tub, exhaust hung with rubber bungee straps, no brakes, horrible steering, and a worn out T4. The shop also sold his wheels and put different ones on the Jeep, and when Tim asked where his wheels were, the owner said "You said you would trade them, don't you remember?" The "world class T4" that they installed was junk, and the T176 they removed disappeared.

Tim got a judgement in court for $12K against the shop.

Shop owner declared bankruptcy, and didn't pay a dime.

Shop owner now has a LOT of very nice and collectible cars, including a "Forest Service" Scrambler for sale, and apparently moved his shop from Fayetteville AR to Farmington AR.

Shops like that are everywhere. NEVER give them money up front.
this forest service scrambler?


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I would take the law with you for just an escort... IMO.
this forest service scrambler?
Yep. That's him.

Declared bankruptcy with his old shop, had all assets in his wife's name, so my buddy got nothing from the $12K judgement awarded him in court.

Guy is apparently now running another shop a few miles west of where he was. He has some really NICE looking stuff for sale, but CAVEAT EMPTOR. He's not honest.


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I rolled down to Indiana today. I spent more than eight hours in my van. Definitely the furthest I’ve ever driven as a quadriplegic :-) very glad I made it safely to and from.

The shop was somewhat cordial. One of the guys there was a huge jerk to me every chance he possibly could. The owner or whatever who has been ignoring me was pretty cordial shook my hand look me in the eye they gave me a check for $5000 and I am picking up the rest of my belongings next week.

Some people were there to pick up some small items if we had discussed ahead of time to purchase.... somehow two remote controls ( for adaptived driver/passenger seats ) got up and walked away and so did a GM NV 4500.

just got up legs and walked away like they never saw them. Not only am I out these parts but two different people who spent Saturday driving up to meet me for their crap are out parts that I promised them too... So I hate that the shop has helped me let more people down as well as let me down so many times but either way I’m almost done with them...

Does anyone know someone who would be willing to quote this type of project for me?

Factory Scrambler frame. brand new Malaysian tub. Common rail 4bt Cummins/Allison five speed automatic/Duramax diesel Xfer Case. Ford 9 inch rear/Dana 44 front

It’s all in pieces and I have pretty much everything from axle shafts, seals, brand new suspension parts, steering column, wheels, tires, brake parts, everything, complete a frame off restoration and put it to a daily driver for a quadriplegic. Anyone willing to “this?
I would be willing to help out in anyway I can to get this fellow jeepers stuff back,I agree notify police,probably best to have them present and show up with all paperwork etc and get it back to him ,I think livestream is also a good plan,


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As I mentioned in my pm to you last week I know of a couple shops in my area that would be willing to work with you. I'm just a couple hours north of you up here in West Bend so it's not far. Feel free to call me one of these days and I can get you in touch with them. My number is in the pm I sent you.