OT: Retro Wrangler/Willys Pickup (long)


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The other day someone made me aware that many of the photos are now missing from this thread. Apparently the reason has something to do with changes in this site's software over the years, so other than going through each post one at a time and re-uploading all the photos, there's nothing I can do to fix it (and I don't have time to edit all the posts, sorry).

I do have all the photos, so if someone is building a pickup and needs to see some detail just contact me and ask for what you'd like to see and I can probably make photos available.

The truck is still going strong, this photo was taken this afternoon. It's now got just under 111,000 miles on it and is still a daily driver.

BTW I'm working on a new project that I might install on this truck, a CJ/JL-style grille for the TJ. Here's a concept image, the factory grille is on the left and the design of the grille I'm working on is on the right...