Scrambler Skid plate


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While building my scrambler I added a crossmember to mount all drive train to and the skid plate is seperate. As many times as I have had if off already I will go this route with every jeep I own from now forward. Just need to decide if I am going to do this with stock driveline in the 7 or go with an LS and do it during the swap.


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I just got off the phone with TDK. Their 0" drop skid plate is designed to be used in place of the factory skid plate with the transfer case/transmission at the factory location, no clocked transfer case etc. The 1" and 1.5" drop are just that, 1" inch lower than stock and 1.5" lower than stock.

Due to the design, he also told me that their 0" drop will mount to the transmission at the factory location/height, but will actually be about an inch lower to the ground than the factory skid due to the round tubing.

While I like the idea of a separate mount and skid, I think the reality of how often I've had the skid plate off, I would rather have the ground clearance of the Barnes 4WD skid plate.
I sure wouldn't want my skid plate hanging down farther than it already is. It reminds me of a shovel.


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I bought the throttle down customs skid plate and it's great. I didn't like that they put their logo on it, but whatever.....I bought it because I had a theory that the OEM skid plat was allowing my frame to flex and was ultimately screwing up the steering. I think I was right. It is VERY heavy duty and bolted up relatively easily. The extra stiffness keeps the frame from bowing. It's great.....except for the logo.


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2 inch drop. It should work nicely with the clocked Dana 300 and keep my driveline right where it is now, but gain me about 4 inches of clearance at the back of the skid plate.


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I was looking at that same skid plate. Hoping a clocked np241c would work with that. A non lifted scrambler could really use that 4” gain!