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    82' Cracked Frame Advice

    Does the crack go all the way through the frame or is the weld separating from the frame? If it were me I would clean it up to bare metal and drill a small hole where the crack ends, grind the crack to a V and weld it. Then grind it smooth, weld a guest over it going past the spring mount 3"...
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    I created a video on my CJ8 Rust repair let me know your thoughts

    Not trying to be an asshole, but "You're Dangerous!"
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    JMU Scrambler rebuild.

    Great build! Would you have a part number on the F250 shock towers and the front and rear Bilstein shocks?
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    Scrambler in Jeep 2017 EJS video

    Are there any specs on his jeep. Looks to be spring over with front dual shocks?
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    What's on your Work Bench?

    After all the parts sitting around for a couple of months I finally knocked out the Ford 9 inch center section to the Scrambler today.
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    Bad day for my LJ

    :ROFLMAO: There's one in every crowd. You obviously don't know how it works.
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    Bad day for my LJ

    Dennis Collins just did a video on insurance and jeeps.
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    Scout or Wagoneer 44's

    I've spent some time researching the same idea, I also would like to go wider. I'm just going to go with a new bear front housing from Custom Axle Design to my specs and build it up myself. For the rear, I'll just cut another ford 9 inch down.
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    What new steering box upgrades have you used recently?

    Installed a 1978 J20, Big piston Lares Power Steering Gear Box Part #1107. I'll find the pics.
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    1983 frame off refresh - finally

    I've used dry ice. Dropped right in. Would you have a part number on that grazable throw out bearing?
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    Scrambler Hood Replacement
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    Hello Scrambler Heads!!

    Finally found a forum that strikes my interest :drool: and will enjoy hanging out on. I found you guys last night searching google for something :shrug: I spent like 5 hours searching the forums until 1am, found some pretty neat stuff that got me motivated. My "83" has been sitting in storage...