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  • Eric,
    There is an obit in the Mid-Atlantic Forum for Fernando (Ferran). Might get more traffic in CJ-8 Sc Ramblings. Great guy.
    Eric, I was going to post a great jeep article from June's Car and Driver. It was written by fellow Scrambler owner and well known rolling stone writer PJ O'Rourke. I scanned the article in Jpeg. Should I post like I was posting Photos ? Thanks Chris
    Hey, noticed you never commented on my post about your 11,000+ posts. I hope I didn't offend in some way - certainly not my intent. just all in good natured fun.
    Hey Biggy, you converted your hubs to 6 bolt instead of the 5 bolt ones? I can't seem to find that post. Do I just need the 6 bolt drive flange and hub or do I also need the spindel and or rotor. Thanks
    Eric, we have the same fullsize softtop... it's besttop tigertop right? my rear pole got damaged and I need to make new ones... can you give the length from the anchor point on the bed rail to the corner? The top of my bar is fine, I just need to make new legs and can't get the right length from the one I have now. Thanks man... an estimate is fine, as I know it's got a slow bend and would be hard to get an exact number.
    Do you have the instructions or some detail pics on your bikini top? I bought Eric Kohl's for my son in SC and he's trying to figure out which screws go where and how and where the rear bow attachs to the roll bar.


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