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    Scout or Wagoneer 44's

    Scout axles were set with near 0 deg of caster from the factory. This makes for bad/darty handling on the street and even offroad at speed. Wagoneer's have caster like stock CJ's did or maybe a few more deg so they will handle much better. That is why people cut the inner c's off Scout axles...
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    Does Poison Spyder ever have sales/deals?

    I've never seen them run a holiday special like others do. Their dealers may run specials though. Sam's Offroad out of Tulsa, OK had free shipping one time on PSC stuff so I bought my armor through them. They used to do a Christmas drawing through facebook. You had to do a bunch of stuff to...
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    2019 Scrambler Owners Association - National Scramble - Hurricane, UT

    West Rim Trail was pretty and fun. Taken on two different cameras so somewhat out of order.
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    2019 Scrambler Owners Association - National Scramble - Hurricane, UT

    Back door to Babylon Trail Jake lead on Tuesday.
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    Cj-8 Hot Wheels and Matchbox

    So much Awesome right there. I had stompers when I was little. Wish I still had them or could find some people are selling.
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    Best power steering box

    I had read at one time a wagoneer box will bolt up in place of the CJ box. It's larger and variable ratio so get a little more power than a CJ version. Might be worth researching that further as you may be able to buy a remanned one or find one from a junk yard somewhere. You could also give...
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    Show me Your Bump Stops

    Front is around 3” and rear is 4-5”. Bumps can compress about 1.25” made of rubber. I think they are energy suspension. 4-5” bump stop.
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    Show me Your Bump Stops

    This is on a soa full width. May not help you. I made spacers between the stop and spring plate to adjust as needed.
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    I think you will see a ton of this with the overland crowd. I saw some IG pics of one photo shopped with a patriot camper type rig replacing the bed on 40's similar to what you posted. Looked really good. Just rooftop tents etc on a bed rack will sell too. Rubicon model will have really good...
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    JW Speaker LED headlight install

    Did you use them in the snow on your way back? Wondered if they get warm enough to melt, snow/ice off?
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    AMC401 or LS

    sdsupilot said put a spreadsheet together. That is typically what I do and I had started working down that path.. I have been compiling a list of 401 and various LS options. There are other LS options like finding one on classified add, but I just went retail for now. I pasted a snapshot of...
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    AMC401 or LS

    A sign to buy it or go LS. Kind of wonder why they would be selling a just rebuilt 401 to put an LS in....
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    AMC401 or LS

    Summit wants $1085 per head for Edelbrock's. :oops: From what i have read on the interwebs AMC heads flow really well? I haven't had time yet to call people on what it costs to have them redone, but surely it can't cost $2170 for the pair even having them machined for studs to run rollers?
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    AMC401 or LS

    This will probably be longer than I want it to be, but figure the back story is relevant. My Scrambler has gone from 151 Iron Duke, to a Buick 231, to an AMC304 over its life. The Buick to AMC304 I did because the SR4 transmission wouldn't stay in reverse and I was tired of it. I wanted to go...