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    Another Waggy/J truck D44 SUA steering thread.

    You could do a setup like Randyzzz and just do the passenger arm with single hole. Parts mike sells the arms for $90 $120 depending on what type you might need. Why Not Customs in Wichita can machine the knuckle. I don't know what he charges, but it is probably <$100 or you could ship your...
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    Another Waggy/J truck D44 SUA steering thread.

    I am SOA on GM D44, thicker high steer arm, MORE 1-1/4" bracket, waggy pitman, 1 ton TRE, drag link and tie rod are perfectly parallel to one another. I think you would be happier with crossover steering than Y-link.
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    Full soft top advice

    I have a BD top. I didn't want a black top so at the time I forked out double the cost of a besttop to get a colored top. Hardware is nice, you do have to drill into your top rail & tailgate to mount it and then the windows hook into the channel. It has the 3rd bow that besttop doesn't have...
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    I have heard from someone who wants the V8 JL that the dealers are going to have a huge markup above MSRP (whatever that is going to be).
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    Dana 60 vs 60S

    The warn disk brake brackets I used put the bleeder at an angle instead of straight vertical. To bleed I had to pull caliper off and hold it so bleeder was vertical. Then either set it back over disk and have someone pump the pedal to bleed, or gravity bleed them. I typically had to gravity...
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    Dana 60 vs 60S

    If your going to convert the Dana 60 to SF why go to the trouble to run a Dana 60? Trussed Ford 9 would serve same purpose other than if you want 35 spline you are replacing most everything anyway. Solid makes FF Dana 60 5x5.5 hubs for $440 a pair not sure if they work in the rear or not...
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    Pitman arm and tie rod making contact

    Can you swap to Dana44 outer knuckles and run high steer arms or arm (just do passenger side for drag link). I thought the c's were the same on a Dana 30 and Dana 44 like from GM or Wagoneer? This probably means different stub shafts as well. I am probably completely wrong because if it...
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    Storage options for bed of scrambler

    When I had mine mounted that way, I used 3" muffler clamps with those long hex nuts you can get from Ace with another bolt i turned into a stud. I had cut down shock bushings on either side of jack frame with a wing nut hold it down. I have changed all that going to a full top so I doubt I...
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    Dana 44. Please help!

    You should buy the HP Ford you found. You can use or sell everything from the Knuckle out or sell entire axle. D44 Ford knuckles allow you to install RCV shafts without having to take them apart, should you ever want to go that route. What width you trying to get to? I have a narrow track...
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    hydraulic clutch conversion?

    The ball and socket can be eliminated to allow for flex, you just have to fab some stuff. Mine has been working for 5 yrs. This last time out though was the first time it bound up so I need to check things out. Pedal stayed down, only did it one time and was not in a great spot. I used the...
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    Rear Cargo Tie Down Plate / Fridge Slide

    I have been wanting a fridge slide for a while after ditching coolers and going to an arb fridge. I was against putting any more holes in the bed of the Scrambler so I made an aluminum plate that ties into the rear seat mounting bolts, 1 roll bar bolt on each side, and two bolts up the side by...
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    AMC 401 cam recommendation

    I put a lot of effort trying to find a good choice like OP is, still trying to figure it out so I can build a motor. I need instant off idle power for climbing rocks/ledges, but I also play in the sand and need it to wind out, still <5k, and hold power on the upper RPM as well. Since I too run...
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    AMC 401 cam recommendation I have read through that thread on pirate 4x4 at least 5 times in the past trying to make the same decision as you to build a 401. For Jeep or FSJ it is best info I have found. Because of it, I listed some of the Cams out of that...
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    Reasons to buy a CJ8

    Long story I wont' go through, but my Scrambler was my daily driver Junior HS and 1 semester in College. 1996/97-99. Lived in a small town <4k people and college town was one of the larger ones in our state, couldn't tell you how many probably over 100k, but still had small town feel. Drove...