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    As of now Red Rock 4-wheelers are planning the 2021 Safari. Their website should have the...

    As of now Red Rock 4-wheelers are planning the 2021 Safari. Their website should have the latest info.
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    Sorry, I know nothing about them.

    Sorry, I know nothing about them.
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    Blatant attempt to de-politicize the thread and put it back on track: About 8 inches of snow in the past few days...4 degrees this morning...
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    I hope you were able to talk them down from least to somewhere around invoice.
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    When the Gladiator first came out, many dealers were marking them up as much as $20K over MSRP. I ordered mine the day general ordering opened and almost every dealer I contacted would not even consider anything below MSRP. One dealer in Colorado said that all dealers in Colorado and Arizona...
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    Every now and then in the good ol' days, I used the bed of the Scrambler as a mobile command post on SAR incidents. At night, we viewed maps with headlamps and a lantern suspended from the roll bar. I just made the Gladfiator more functional as a command post (and in camp) with additional rear...
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    What is your go-to solution for carrying extra fuel?

    In a previous lifetime (probably not something I would recommend now, but it worked great back in the day):
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    Upcoming Eagles nest NM and Moab trip.

    A mistake far too many make when visiting Moab is to cram as many trails as possible into a short time. Relax on the trail...don't spend all day listening to your motor. If you do both Chicken Corners and Shafer Trail, you'll pass through somewhat similar country, just on opposite sides of the...
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    Upcoming Eagles nest NM and Moab trip.

    The two trails that offer the best introduction to Moab scenery and geology are Hurrah Pass/Chicken Corners and Shafer Trail...both very easy trails. They are the 2 trails I always take first-time visitors on. I prefer to do the Shafer Trail from the top down to Hwy 279. If you do Chicken...
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    After almost a year and 10,000 miles, I finally decided to lift it...on June 29, the one year anniversary of selling the Scrambler. Mopar 2" lift installed by dealer and 35" Falkens:
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    The back part of the hardtop should not be that hard to remove...just bulky. I will never have back seat drivers since I have no back I will not have any reason to remove the rear portion of the hardtop. If I remember right, there are just some bolts around the bottom (similar to the...
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    Nice Gladiator! The reason you do not have the red dash is because you have tan seats. That is one of the few ways to eliminate the red dash. I initially thought I did not want a red dash, but am now glad that is what I have. It adds a splash of color that my girlfriend really likes. I...
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    2019 Easter Jeep Safari?

    Jeep Safari Week - 2020:
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    Scrambler photo contest

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    JP Magazine Done

    I had digital subscriptions through Amazon Kindle to 6 of the magazines they discontinued. Most renewed the month prior to all of those magazines being discontinued. I started receiving 3 digital copies of MotorTrend and 3 of FourWheeler. There was a notation on the cover of each specifying...