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    Any Vintage Tractor Aficionados Here?

    "a short bus full of muscle" lol! That is awesome:rotfl:
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    Soft top window replacement?

    So yeah, this just happened today. It's not like my top is 40 years old and it's only 35 degrees out or anything. 😏 So anyways, it looks like it was glued on from the factory. What do you guys recommend to use as a replacement? Also, what do you use to attach it? Glue or have it sewn on? Thanks...
  3. Ron84cj

    Any Vintage Tractor Aficionados Here?

    I know it doesn't seem like much to anyone. But I sure have a lot of memories with this thing. As I mentioned earlier this was the tractor that plowed/tilled my Grandmas huge garden. She grew most of her own vegetables for the family, I would help her out there when I was little. She was an...
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    Current Scrambler pics

    What am I looking at?
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    Any Vintage Tractor Aficionados Here?

    Yes! Other tractor nerds like me! :bacon: Either one of those tractors are cool. Get them both! I have absolutely no room at my place for anything like that so I had to scale down a bit. I love my old antique garden tractors. I need to get a pic later but I still have the cub cadet 1650 my...
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    Scrambler in a Kohl's add

    I will say this... whoever the camera man is here needs to be fired. He didn't even wait until the dudes were out of the shot before he took the pic. And nobody caught the error before the add was released! Lame!
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    Scrambler in a Kohl's add

    So the wife wakes me up at 5:00 in the morning super excited to tell me she spotted a Scrambler in a Kohl's add! Lol
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    Current Scrambler pics

    Finally! Someone else that actually enjoys the seasons including winter! I love it here in Wisconsin. None of the seasons are harsh. You may get a week or two of extreme heat or extreme cold but that's it. The only part I hate is that they salt the roads. Cars on average don't last much more...
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    Another decal thread question about hood

    Lol, I'm glad I'm not the only one. I had a brief moment of panic just thinking about it.
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    Remembering: where were you on September 11th

    I was in my 8th grade class at the time. Out of nowhere another teacher came in the room and said we were attacked by terrorists. They brought a TV in the room and basically watched the news the rest of the day. Definitely not as interesting as the stories I just read from you guys but I...
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    spankrjs's Biloxi, MS '83 Scrambler

    So what you're saying is we should have done this to Bigwaltons when we were on the beach 😁. In all seriousness though aren't you more likely to have rust issues or doesn't the paint seem to be disturbed too much when you remove the fender? Every jeep I parted out had serious rust where the...
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    Current Scrambler pics

    I think I actually did get it for Father's day years ago. Or maybe it was Christmas. Not sure. Either way, I love that cover! A lot of people get a kick out of it.
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    Current Scrambler pics

    It's 77 and sunny out today so we went for a drive out to the Apple Orchard on Holy Hill Rd. Very pretty drive out there, lots of winding road through the country side.
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    The axle swap/wheel picture thread!

    This is what I use to play around with gear ratios and tire sizes. http://www.csgnetwork.com/multirpmcalc.html
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    Thinking of those in Ida’s path

    Hey Raymond (spankrjs), you doing ok down there?