Scrambler Rookie
A little late to the discussion, but here are my two cents...My immediate first impression wasn't that great, but it has quickly grown on me the more I see it and with the different aftermarket potential. I also agree with most about the price easily getting into the low to mid 50s. Good for Jeep being able to sell vehicles for that much, but I don't ever plan on spending that kind of money on a Jeep (not counting bottomless money pit restorations).

As to whether it sells well/has a long production run, I trust Jeep's research on this more than my own opinion. Remember, we are all Scrambler fans and love old Jeeps. We probably aren't the target audience overall for brand new JTs and JLs. I think the JKs and JLs have proven there is a market for high priced Jeeps. Though I don't think it's practical to spend close to 60K on a Jeep, I think plenty of other people will.

One more there ever going to be a two door version of these?? Probably wouldn't be as popular as the four door, but would be cool to see.