The Descrambler Project


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Wow! Missed your updates! So awesome to see this on the road! Your work is amazing, as I’ve said before.


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After a little more than a month driving it, it is starting to be a pretty decent driving car.

I have rebuilt the Power Steering Gear, installed a Vibration Damper, and took care of some little issues that arose as a result of driving it.

Working with Isspro to get the Tach to work, hopefully the fix they gave me yesterday will make that happen. All the rest of the gauges work great.

I've gotten the Tranny to shift in a usable manner. TH 400's are known for being slow to shift when cold and this one is too. I hold the trans in 2nd gear until I get above the RPM's needed to shift it then shift it manually. It works.

Once the entire car is warmed to operating temp the trans shifts normally. Remember this trans doesn't have a Vacuum Modulator. It has a Mechanical Modulator Stop (no vacuum) so it shifts based solely on RPM's.

A/C is charged and will freeze you even in the direct sun with the open top. That system worked perfectly as soon as it was charged, thanks Vintage Air.

I have about 400 miles on this car now. It is pretty decent to drive, a bit bouncy but my wife didn't complain so it can't be too bad. The ride will smooth out even more after the top is on and the bumpers and other armor are installed.

Things are going well and the car is starting to live up to my expectations, which is a good thing considering the amount of work I've put into this project.