Alaskan Postal Scrambler/World Cab - count/registry - help build the list

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11. Dawn and Jody Abbot sold their sweet black one recently in GA (VIN
This one is mine now as most already know and I’ve taken it quite a bit further and it is now 100% operational. No gremlins at the moment : ).

This came up on a text conversation after I saw another Postal up for sale on a FB group where the World Cab/doors were no longer with the Jeep. I wasn't familiar with the Postal for sale, so I had the same quick sad moment I always feel when I find out about another AK Postal that had the top/doors separated (I know it's their Jeep to do what they like and that's fine, it doesn't keep me from being sad to see it.)

**Update: here's an updated thread (from 2002 :eek: ) where I posted photos of the MATI restored Alaskan Postal Scrambler and the scans of the USPS documentation that a very nice lady at the museum tracked down and copied for me:

So I asked Bad Karma how many Alaskan Postals there probably are that actually still have the World Cab with the Jeep. We both came up with 50 as a guess. We are 100% positive on the original number of 230 from the USPS documentation I got at the Museum of Alaskan Transportation and Industry in Wasilla, AK, and I have been told that after the auction in Anchorage, a good number of the new owners took the Jeeps to the dump to take off and discard the World Cab.

I saw with my own eyes a couple Postals in a junkyard in Anchorage in sad shape when I was there to retrieve mine and the seller of mine had a second one that was one where the original auction buyer trashed the top, so it had a -10a half cab on it.

I started throwing out the list of ones with the World Cab that I had remembered seeing or knew of first-hand. I got a decent list and thought we could crowd-source an awfully good number more, given how bad my memory is. Just thought it might be worth a shot...

Alaskan Postals known definitely/relatively well to exist, complete with the World Cab:
1. Me
2. Revho
3. JerseyJeeps has one in NJ:
4. The one in Seattle that keeps coming up on CL and forums for sale:
5. the guy down in FL who's here on the forum
6. JeepAddict/Tommy's LSU painted one that sold recently, VIN: 1jcce88f9et019642
7. Jambo has a complete one still for sale
8. This was the one from Unlimited Offroad in Fenton, MI, it's been parted out and so I moved it down to the "no longer exists" list below
9. Garrett Fowler's out at 4x4Land in Topeka, I confirmed he still has it, but it's in storage in "rough" shape.
10. the one the Adams have in KS.
11. Dawn and Jody Abbot sold their sweet black one recently in GA (VIN
1JCCE88F1ET019747) and it was sold by Streetside Classics in GA without the graphics on the sides Now owned by a new owner who's been in touch with bigwalton but not posted himself publicly.
12. the restored MATI postal in Wasilla
13. Spankrjs/Raymond knows of a complete one that he drives by occasionally.
14. He also remembered the one on here in Hawaii, (now AZ) which I remember now as well:
15. AK-RWC has one, from him: "Still has the top, but I kept the doors from my parts-rig which were better. I still have a good title for it. It runs, and I even drove it this summer. I'd consider selling it. I have an MD Juan tub to put on it, but it also needs the poor-man's SOA to be returned to stock condition. It has the original bulkhead, the original USPS-spec driver's seat, and I recently picked up a mail-tray from another postal that was getting scraped."
16. Challenger/Todd in Colorado has at least one, per Chiefwaho/Jason
17. One ran with the Colorado Scramble a number of years ago with Chiefwaho/Jason, but no details, photo in post below.
18. The one somewhere here in MI that was sold by forum member Scr8 last year.
19. Jambo sold a 90% complete one with the World Cab to a postal contractor in Indiana, Jason Wallenzac
20. AK-RWC's friend Badco has two. One has mo title. Had an engine fire and doesn't run.!
21. Badco's #2, from AK-RWC: "I don't think his other one has a title either, but at least it runs."
22. Wanderingone from the forum had/had one:
23. Seller in Puyallup WA, VIN: 1JCCE88F9ET019687
24. Seller in Puyallup WA, VIN: 1JCCE88FXET019682
25. Jambo located one still in AK: VIN: 1JCCE88F4ET019807
26. Jambo located one sold in AK in 2017: VIN: 1JCCE88FXET019830
27. Shawn Rants/mudnutt has one in NM
28. From AK-RWC: Richard Harrop/Dunehammer on my Alaska CJs FB page has one, with the top. He recently pulled the engine to use as a donor for another Jeep. I don't know what he's planning on doing with the rest of it." :
29. From AK-RWC: "There's one in Anchorage at 15th and Karluk. People have been trying to buy it for years. You can see it in Google streetview." (Photo in thread below)
30. From AK-RWC: "My friend Martha had 5: - one was kept by her ex-husband. He still has the top, but it doesn't run. He has tried selling it off-and-on; I'm pretty sure he still has it though."
31. From AK-RWC: "My friend Martha had 5...four went to my friend Dave Frank in Fairbanks. He wheels at least one of them on occasion."
32. JeepScrambler/Colby in KS has two postals with World Cabs, the white one has less than 26k original miles and runs great:
33. JeepScrambler/Colby in KS has two postals with World Cabs, the green one on the other hand was in worse shape; the tub has rust, the cylinder head is missing from the 258, the left rear leaf spring pack has several leaves broken, etc. making it an ideal candidate for me to build upon without to much remorse for modifying a rare Jeep:
34. Chris in AK mentioned above had this Postal with a World Cab set up for a 5.3 LS for sale, I believe it sold:
35. 84CJ8AKPostal/Aaron in PA had one he was restoring:
36. CJAYS/Dan in CA had one that he was restoring:
37. Andrew Schalk has a Postal (Lockport IL) and has the World Cab and doors that were sourced from the Postal that is now the blue surf-themed example without a top/doors that is currently for sale in Florida.
38. Stoney Welborn/StoneyWelborn on here had one complete:
39. @ccinalaska owns one with a plow, painted red. Photos in separate post later in the thread.

What the heck, while we're at it, we can do a list of the ones we know exist, but without the World Cab:

1. Jambo's with the unfortunate roof peel-back problem.
2. Dean/LOST's built orange one for sale currently in AK
3. Michael Farino's blue surf-themed postal that's up for sale and the one that made me start this list. The top/doors off of this one went on Andrew Schalk's Postal that didn't have them at the time and he sold the Jeep to Michael, who put a lot of work into restomodding it to what it is now.
4. The postal that the seller of mine had in Anchorage with the -10a half top
5. Challenger's orange one? Don't think I ever saw it with the World Cab?
6. From AK-RWC: Dakota Wills on his Alaska CJs FB page has/had three. He sold one top. (He acquired these on CL within the last year; I think these were the ones used by the Dimond Center Mall security back in the '90s.)
7. AK-RWC's parts-rig: "I sold the top and it went to Long Island with a set of doors. I have a good title for this one as well. It remains RHD, but was converted to stick. It's in really bad shape and beyond saving."
8. From AK-RWC: " There's one with a rag-top that I see driving around town on occasion. He has a full soft-top. I've never seen it with the hard-top, but the body is in reasonably good shape. He has "Going Postal" on the hood."
9. Chris from AK with the three full postals mentioned above had a half-cab bastard Postal for sale too. I believe this one sold as he told me in July this year that he had two left:
10. Mancunian/Alastair on here has one without the top, before picture:
11. EROSSCJ8 had this for sale last year (doesn't appear to have the top/doors):

Alaskan Postals we know are gone/scrapped/parted out/etc.
1. From AK-RWC: "Travis Voetmann on the Jeep'n Alaska FB page just scrapped one last month, with the top. No engine. He was actually trying to give it away. Had I known it was going to the crusher, I would have gone to pull the top and doors, but I don't have space for another whole vehicle. RIP."
2. thecountmc from the forum listed a tub/rollbar/vin from a Postal
3. Looks like remnants of another Postal that was parted out in Oregon:
4. One parted out in North Pole AK:
5. JerseyJeeps/Eric has "a cut up top, firewall section, both vins. I have everything technically to recreate it. It is very close in vin to the other one I recall as well."
6. VIN: 1JCCE88F4ET019807: the one Unlimited Offroad had for sale with the aftermarket LS-prepped frame. It was in pieces (abandoned project) and very far from stock with a new tub and one ton axles SOA. **UPDATE 2/12/19: This one has been separated completely, the original tub and top/doors is being sold as a lot after the rolling chassis was sold off with a new aftermarket tub along with the LS motor mounts and one-ton axles.

Alaskan Postals we'd need to track down for better info:
A) The guy Chris in AK I tried to help sell three of them. He sold one, the blue one and had the other two last I heard, I emailed him to check for info. For sale thread with pics:

B) Dean (he's on the forum) who's selling the built orange one without the World Cab had one other sitting in his pole barn IIRC when I was up at his place in Palmer when I met him after getting mine running. Update: he says he's owned 6 but sold them with the World Cab locally except one that went to the east coast without a drivetrain. I believe this is/was BlackForest's now here on the forum, but he's not been on in years. I confirmed that he doesn't have any others now.

C) Dean knows first-hand of two in AK that were converted to LHD but still had the World Cabs as of a few years ago.

D) Jake/IAFFCJ knows a man who volunteers at one of the stations in NOVA who has a Postal in pieces but is not sure if the top is still with it or not.

E) Jambo knew Bart Mayfield who had one, photo in thread below. He sold it after having it for 6 years without working on it. It was in AZ. Had it on here as "Postal1" and apparently it sold on eBay. Lots of photos in this thread:

F) From AK-RWC: Dakota Wills on his Alaska CJs FB page had one complete that he may still have.

G) AK-RWC found one in the Caribou Hills parked at somebody's cabin a couple years ago. The top was off, but sitting in the grass next to it. The hood was up. No other info.

H) From AK-RWC: "My friend Martha had 5... The other four went to my friend Dave Frank in Fairbanks. He wheels at least one of them on occasion. I don't know what he did with the other three. Not all of them were complete or running.

I) Revho remembers one in Phoenix?

J) 38. Stoney Welborn/StoneyWelborn on here had one complete and bought a second to get parts from. He's owned 5 total and sold two, need to know what happened to the others:

K) Ghostwave/Brett here on the forum had one in Kirkland, WA. He mentioned wanting to sell it in a thread by SoneyWelborn and I couldn't find a photo other than him removing the foam from the WC:

L) one popped up on FB in AZ with the World Cab that I don’t think I’d seen before unless it was reworked, owner isn’t on here (I asked) so I won’t post his name. Picture in separate post later in the thread.

UPDATED: That's already accounting for nearly a quarter of them ever produced! Who else's am I forgetting? I can clean up this list with details if someone finds more on one of the ones I listed and I can add new ones.



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Appears we may have another Postal that I don't think is accounted for anywhere on here thanks to @wimps81096 scouring Craigslist.

"1984 Jeep CJ8 **** RIGHT HAND DRIVE *** with a FORD 351 V8 Motor and AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION!!! Super RARE "Alaskan Postal Scrambler" where we took the "postal" out of it and turned it into an AWESOME cool Right Hand Drive Scrambler. These Jeeps are so rare you will likely never see another one on the road. Only 230 were ever sold in the United States so after 36 years, who knows how many of those are still around. If you take this to a Jeep meet, you will be the king there! This Scrambler has a Ford 351 V8 motor that sounds AWESOME! Automatic C6 Transmission shifts perfect! Twin stick transfer case for the 4x4, 35 x 12.50 x 15 tires on aluminum rims, seats are in good condition and comes with a rear fold & tumble seat so you can put your riders back there and not have to listen to them... Inside is all rhinolined throughout. This jeep comes with FULL DOORS with rollup windows and the hard half top along with the hard half doors as well! Power steering, Power brakes and much much more! This jeep is in very nice condition and ready for you to drive it anywhere! You will not find a more rare jeep anywhere! A nice classic jeep to cruise around wherever you want to go! We deal in CLASSIC jeeps such as this one, CJ7s CJ5s CJ6s CJ8 Scramblers, Commandos & much more!! Come and visit us in person if you are in the market for a COOL CLASSIC JEEP! WE CAN BUILD YOU ONE HOWEVER YOU WOULD LIKE IT!!!!! CALL US UP AND LETS DISCUSS YOUR NEXT JEEP (844)-EZJEEPS !"









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Thanks actually belongs to my elderly, car collecting, snowbird neighbor. During my build we have talked a lot about scramblers and the history of the postals. When he saw this he sent me the link cause he new Id be interested. Glad to be PART of finding another one. That being said I am not a fan of what they did with it.


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Thanks actually belongs to my elderly, car collecting, snowbird neighbor. During my build we have talked a lot about scramblers and the history of the postals. When he saw this he sent me the link cause he new Id be interested. Glad to be PART of finding another one. That being said I am not a fan of what they did with it.
You’ve got to be kidding! That’s insane! What are the odds?!?!?
I have a postal top and doors. I remember seeing a yellow one in Dallas with 2 long windows, one above the other, added to the cab many years ago...

I assume you have seen the registry on jeepheads? The top I have is from a Jeep listed there with the VIN.
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I don’t think this one was on here. Popped up this week, they have the number wrong, it’s 230, not 250.

1984 Jeep Scrambler CJ8 RHD Alaskan Postal Jeep - $5000 (Oakdale)”

“Collector, 1984 Jeep Scrambler CJ8 Alaskan Postal Jeep. Right hand Drive. Only 250 produced for State of Alaska, US Postal Service and Jeep.”

6F82772E-3FF4-48A9-86A1-2B8E67EBBAE6.png 345858A5-7E24-4804-8D4F-A65870055304.jpeg 7334E00C-AEFE-4F13-ADA1-2351A6B4EEB3.jpeg 82CDA767-03CB-43F7-9777-D784401C2D3E.jpeg 96CB379B-139C-476D-910F-7359321B6CE4.jpeg 9A222C9A-61B8-483E-88FB-3A4142AF0A7E.jpeg