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Been a while since we had a Beer thread...


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Shorts Brewing Hoppy Holidays 12 pack. 6 different IPA’s (2 bottles each). First up is Stache Bender, a ten year anniversary double IPA of hopstache. Great IPA!




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Having my first beer since I've been back in town from the TX oilfields. Might as well make it zippy, had a bum day today. It's a good brew, took some getting used to, but then rye whisky did too. ;) Full, without being overbearing; spicy, but not crazy. Overall, a nice rig. Stands well enough on its own, but would pair fine with a strong meat like beef or venison.


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Been a while since I've posted up here. Thursday night was a good night for beer- had an Oregon brewed rum barrel aged coconut stout. Yummy!





Tonight I tried this year's Rouge Santa's Private Reserve. Yep, Eric was right. The fruit did this one no favors. It did get better after setting awhile...

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Merry Christmas! I passed up a cold bottle of Ninkasi Sleigh'r for what I was hoping to be a fantastic pour. Unfortunately, again, not too impressed. This is Rogue "Hazelutely Choctabulous". This is a 60/40 combination of two of their great beers. I have to say their Hazelnut Brown Nectar and their Chocolate Stout are amazing on their own, so I expected something really special. Especially since the label states "Candy Bar in a Bottle". Well, not so much. First few sips were pretty bitter, and only after it had been allowed to breathe for awhile did I start to enjoy it. As I finish the bottle as I type, I'm not sad it's gone. Maybe that Ninkasi will have to go down tonight as well...