Looking for help getting a CJ7 from Converse, TX to Erie, PA


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Finally got her home! Jeep looks great from 10' but has some bodywork issues when you get up close. I'm very happy with it though for just the cost of transport and a few gifts to the former owner.

I had it running within an hour and driving within two hours. It turned over but wouldn't start. It came with quite few empty boxes of new ignition parts (all Crown brand - YUCK!). First thing I did was to check all the ignition wiring connections and plug wire order on the cap and found no issues. Checked the carb for fuel and didn't see/smell any. Pulled the fuel line after the filter and it was dry. Pulled the fuel line before the filter and it was dry. Pulled the line from the tank to the fuel pump and it had a trace amount of fuel. Sucked on that line and got a mouthful of gas! I pulled the fuel pump from my parts Scrambler and used it. Kept the line after the filter unattached to make sure she was pumping fuel and she was. Reconnected that line and she started but idled very rough. I had the install instructions for the new Weber carb and plugged 2 open vacuum lines. Also increased the idle speed a little and she started to purr!

I let the wife take it for the inaugural ride and everything seemed to work fine. She shut it off in the driveway when she returned and then it wouldn't start. Cranked like crazy but no sign of firing. Checked the carb again for gas and thee was plenty. Checked for spark at cylinder #3 and didn't have any. Pulled the coil from my parts Scrambler and the Jeep fired up instantly! Drove it a few miles to get some ethanol free gas and had no issues.

I don't know about you guys but this was a typical "Jeep" experience for me - seems like there's always something to troubleshoot but it eventually works out without too much trouble.

Thanks again to Kyle for going to check out the Jeep - definitely wouldn't have been able to fix this in someone else's garage and then feel comfortable driving 1600 miles!

Thanks to everyone else for the encouragement to stick with it.


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You made the right decision to ship it. I think most of us reading this would probability have preferred the typical fly in and drive home repeatedly breaking down story though. Glad you got it home!


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Haven't had a chance to do anything with the new to me CJ7 because I've been helping my brother in law put a lift on his 2006 LJ Rubicon. Good Lord I hate RUST. He bought the DPG Old Man Emu / JKS kit. We had to cut all the shocks off and then drop the tank to torch the rear upper shock mount nuts off. I left him alone with the impact gun and he promptly snapped off all four rear upper shock mount bolts!!!!!! Also had to replace one of the captured body mount nuts inside the frame.

Finally got it all back together and he took it to get aligned. When the shop went to put the Jeep on the rack it would turn over but not start. Ended up towing it back to my place. Figured out the fuel pump died so we had to drop the tank again to replace it. He drove back to Michigan last night and had no more issues.

Paperwork for the CJ7 should be in the mail today at my house so once I get it signed over to me I'll come up with a plan as to what's next. It has 2.73 gears so my first upgrade could be expensive!