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    Old Fart Check In

    Thank You Brother!
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    Old Fart Check In

    Thank you guys! It’s definitely been a journey and will be for awhile. I’m blessed though, I can get up in the mornings and that in itself is a blessing!
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    Heads up guys!
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    Old Fart Check In

    Just popped in to say hi! :woot::woot: I’m still hanging in there and I will try to pop in a little more often. Last 4 or 5 years have been absolutely crazy with work, family and health. I got down last year to a point I couldn’t do much, I had been suffering from knee issues and leg pain and I...
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    Haven't been on much lately and wanted to say hi :wave: Not much to report in the Scrambler department, still haven't had time to fix leaks yet. Work has been pretty busy and weather hasn't helped. Haven't had much down time and no seat time in the jeep unless you count moving it around in the...
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    Finally quit raining for a few days and got the front dana 60 rebuilt, new seals, new ball joints, new bearings and everything bolted back up, just have to do a quick trail alignment and get it off the jack stands:bacon:
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    Pictures of forum members rigs.

    Here is my 84 Scrambler:
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    Further off topic: Lets see your four legged kids!!

    Here are my 2 other kids, one on left is fiest/border collie mix and sharp as a tack and is an escape artist, the one on the right is jack russel/border collie mix and lets just say she is mentally challenged, hard headed as they come.
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    Body mods

    Hood latch issue resolved! I have no idea what these fit or are for, found them hanging in a friends shop, they worked perfect, just the right amount of off set. I'm not a big fan of hood pins and wanted something close to stock and easy and quick to open if needed.
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    Body mods

    Here is the tube work we did where the fenders use to be, got to figure out a way to latch the hood down still, time to go to lowes and tractor supply yay!
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    Body mods

    Here are a few pics of the recent work, new dash and gauges and the nose drop, droped the front of the hood and grill down 1 1/2" to help with the visibility:
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    I broke down.

    Ok guys thought i'd do an update on the trailer. Still have a few little small tweaks to do on it but it's pretty much finished for now.
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    I broke down.

    I finally broke down and joined the modern age of welding and bought a mig! I'm still better with a stick welder but i'm starting to get better with it. I bought a lincoln pro 180 mig and i will say it's a great little welder and welds much better than i do lol. I got my welding cart all set up...
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    I need your votes!

    Guys entered in another online car show and i need your votes i did really well in the last one thanks!
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    Guys i'm posting this here so maybe more people will see it. I have a buddy that needs a chevy dana 60 spindal, he had one that was damaged and his rig is stuck on his lift until he can get one, so if anyone has one for cheap or reasoniable price either post up, email me at...