Craigslist and Estate Sale finds!


Scrambler Junkie
East Norriton
Pick up some Jeep Autometer gauges. Used Speedo, tach, fuel, volt, water temp, oil pressure. New oil, transfer case, axle, transmission gauges. Got them for pennies on the dollar versus what they would be all new from Autometers website(96% off new price). I picked up a new set of Autometer Phantom gauges cheap 20 some years ago, might sell those(still new in packages) and use these instead. Not so sure transfer case, axle temp would be needed since I won't be bombing 100mph across a desert. They will go in my DD Fab dash I picked up 2 years ago after the 1st and 2nd owners never installed it. Gonna need a different panel to install more small gauges and put the radio in my Tuffy console.
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