Official Forum Lurker Intro Thread!

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Well, hello again everyone - its been YEARS since I've been to the site and I can't believe that many of the names are the same. I was one of the original SOA members (charter members I think we were called). My scrambler, which I rebuilt out of college in '97 was my daily driver for over a decade until my boys got old enough that we needed more room for car seats, 4 doors, etc. and I added the first of two JK's (one of which I currently drive). That's when the scrambler got parked (2009-ish) and has been for the most part every since. My boys loved riding in it as toddlers and started calling it Jeepie. My amazing wife let me keep it all these years to someday rebuild with my boys for them to drive. Well, my oldest is now 13.5 and his brother turning 12 and given how long these things take, that time is pretty much now. Also time to get back into SOA, involved here, etc. Should be fun!

Hope everyone has been well and I look forward to reconnecting.


1981 CJ-8 (photo circa 2002 - its looks the same today)
2015 JK Hard Rock (the silver one - replacing the red which was my first JK)


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I guess it's about time for me to post...Live in N. Idaho and bought an 82 Scrambler a few years ago. Slowly upgrading/rebuilding and have years ($$$$) of work to do, I also have a 70's/80's Helder welding Packmule trailer that I've also spent time ($$$$) working on. I owned an 84 CJ-7 years ago and sold it before moving to ID. Bad mistake. Anyway, I've always wanted a Scrambler and now I have one.


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Never introduced myself here. Jeremy Tepper from Vail, AZ (essentially Tucson). Been into Jeeps since 1999 when my best bud from the Marine Corps took me wheeling in his 79 CJ5 Renegade. Got hooked. Bought my first Jeep in 2005 after I got out of the Marines and owned probably 5 or 6 from 2005-2013. Got into the serious collector stuff around 2014 or so and learned a ton about them over the past 5 years. Still no expert and learning everyday. I just have a huge passion for them now.

Currently own 5 CJ8s and 11 or 12 CJ7s. Owned upward of 20 CJ8s over the years that have come and gone.

I'll post photos of my current CJ8s.