Official Forum Lurker Intro Thread!


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Welcome! Get some pictures of that project to post :thumbsup:
Ok all you lurkers out there, it seems we've had a number of great posts and introductions from "lurkers" on here lately and it seems like it's time to try to draw more of these cool folks and great Scramblers out of the woodwork. :wave:

There's no reason to lurk on here, "the more the merrier" definitely applies, even if it's just to say "sweet rig" or throw out an idea. The cool part about forums like this is when people get to discussing things and sharing ideas/viewpoints/stories. You never know what could spark an idea for someone and help them get from :banghead: to :thumbsup:.

So come on out and post up--here, on your own introduction thread or just join in somewhere... :cheers:
Hello, like a few others I am also a new Scrambler owner. Picked up an 82 CJ8 in really good condition. I just couldnt quite figure out how to post on here or if I could without a membership.